StonerStupid is a HIGHly brandable name for a blog name, podcast (potcast), web series, or marijuana t-shirt company! Imagine the logos!

StonerStupid is a catchy, silly, funny name that is a both a homage to the stereotype of a stoner, but also a contradiction to what a stoner truly is!

Originally, I registered this domain name to create my own blog and potcast where we would (get stoned, obviously!) talk about topics and actually prove that stoners aren’t stupid.

My stoner friends and I used to always complain about the portrayal of weed smokers in the media, which hasn’t really changed, even though the laws have.  Stoners are still shown as silly slackers with little ambition and a propensity towards doing stupid shit.

Meanwhile, just about every one of the most creative, intelligent, openminded, kind, and loving people I know smoke weed.  In fact, just about every person I meet either smokes weed or does sometimes.

Anyway — the time they are a’changin’ and you can help the revolution by building your amazing cannabrand and add to the growing cannaconomy that is happening!

Like, totally contact me, bruh, StonerStupid is a totally rad name.

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