Potcrastinator is a great, cute, catchy, funny domain name that is HIGHly brandable!

I love pot wordplay!  It’d be a cool name for a potcast (podcast) or blog.  You could totally make an Instagram page, YouTube channel, Twitter account, etc and use this as your username everywhere.

Potcrastinator would be a dope name for a stoner clothing line or a stoner web series, or a marijuana coffee table book, or it could be YOUR name, like a moniker or pseudonym, a stage name!

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Just for reference…

Some other POT domains that have been bought include:

Pothead.com – $13,275
Potspace.com – $10,003
PotGuide.com – $7,500
PotHumor.com – $5,000
PotLife.com – $1,812