Marijuana Mugs, Pot Cups, Marijuana Cups

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Marijuana cups or marijuana mugs make great stoner gifts!

There are tons of marijuana mugs with marijuana leaves or symbols, or funny marijuana phrases.  But there are also some really unique marijuana cups, and even some you can smoke out of!

Marijuana Mugs You Can Smoke Out Of!

This is one of the best marijuana cups out there, you can drink your coffee or tea (or thc tea!) AND pack a bowl too! Awesome! It’s called the Premium Roast & Toast ceramic pipe mug and it’s sold by


LiveStoner – Lots of 420 cups and marijuana mugs on this site!

CafePress has a lot of marijuana coffee cup designs by users, most are priced at $11.95 to start.

Oh wow, there’s over 1,000 cannabis coffee cups on Etsy and A LOT of really cool, unique designs!

All this talk about coffee and tea, anyone ever try these weed coffee cups for Keurig machines??