Domain Name Sold History

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Here is a list of recently sold marijuana related domain names and some with details of how the sites are being used for cannabiz today.

All of the great pot domains are being scooped up by big corporate domain name resellers who buy low and sell high! Contact me to negotiate directly with a private seller!

*Sources: GoDaddy & Namebio*

Domain Name Bought For: Current Status Current Price 5000 For sale on DankDomains 20 For sale on EftyMarket 100 For sale on HugeDomains 4385 20 For sale on EftyMarket 20 For sale on EftyMarket 20 For sale on EftyMarket 3980 1692 Park on GoDaddy 750 No live site  250 GoDaddy Auctions 350    400 Live site! 1888    1995 Live site!  1900 Live site!  2000 Site cannot be found 1700 Site cannot be found  1999 Re-direct to Live site!  2095 For sale by WhatDomains 100 For sale by DankDomains 150 For sale by Dank.Domains 1250 Parked on GoDaddy 500 For sale by Juanadomain 15000 249 For sale by Afternic 500 For sale by DankDomains 1280 Site coming soon 69 Site cannot be found 900 For sale by Private Seller