Domain Commission Sedo vs Afternic vs GoDaddy

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Who offers the lowest commission on domain name sales for domainers?

In other words, which of the domain name marketplaces take the least amount of commission of domain names sold thru their site?

Let’s look.

Afternic takes 20% commission on domains sales up to $5000.
For domains sold between $5,001 – $25,000 they take 15% of the amount over 5k plus $1,000.
For domains sold for $25,001 and up, they take 10% of the amount over $25k plus $4,000.

GoDaddy Auctions takes exactly the same commission as Afternic.

I believe GoDaddy and Afternic have merged.

Sedo purports to take 15% fee, but I can’t find the fine print anywhere.

The cheapest way to handle a secure transaction is to use, which charges 3.25% up to $5,000.