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This is totally just for fun!

And also the fact that I own (but it’s for sale if you want it!)

I bought it cuz my name is Chris and I have a few other sites with Chris in it.  And heck, I still might use this name one day if someone else doesn’t buy it from me!


What other cute canna names are out there??

According to GoDaddy purchases: $1,795 $1,900

also Sold for $950 Sold for $1,300 Sold for $2,495 Sold for $999 seems to be a branding / marketing agency for marijuana dispensaries, which is cool, and definitely a nice niche service I didn’t even think about in the cannabis industry!

Cannabucks is for sale by a private seller. seems to be a start up site for cannabis coupons.  Marijuana discounts in certain cities.


Here are some further results from Namebio