Potcahontas.com is my collection of marijuana domain names that I’ve curated over the years.

Some of the domain names are in use or were in use, or were bought to use, but now I want to pass them along and see them in use by others!

You know, you get stoned and you get all these business ideas, but then you get high… lol

One of the first domains I bought was NYC420.com which was for my 420 NYC documentary project that I never finished.

It’s for sale.

Potcahontas used to be a name I blogged with for High Times, it was also a Halloweed costume I wore, and now it’s my IG name and site to sell the pot domain names that I have.  (yes you’re on it right now, in case you’re blazed af)

So, I’m a private seller and all of these domains are HIGHly NUGGotiable (ahurr) so don’t be afraid to hit me up or place a bid on Sedo.  ps. It’ll cost more on Sedo cuz they charge me commission.  But we can use Escrow privately with a small fee of like $25.

That’s basically the jist.

Follow me on Twitter or IG and contact me to get the domain you want!