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420Pens.com is an AMAZING domain name for a cannabis extracts vape pens shop! Sell your 420 vapes here!

420PENS.COM is only 7 characters, a DOT COM, a highly searched keyword as “420” is just something that is part of the cannabis culture, and people are always saying pens, where’s my pen, not where’s my vape pen. 420 Pen also distinguishes your site as a cannabis extract vape pens site vs one for tobacco.

Vapes are so BIG now and while I’m not a tobacco vape smoker, I’m definitely always interested to know what the best vapes for cannabis are! Personally, I don’t like vape pens too much, but it’s most likely because I haven’t found the right vape pen, or maybe the right cartridges.

But the technology is only going to get better and there will be more and more new vape pens coming out, and definitely will be more and more vape pen customers! Especially as the marijuana laws ease up and are regulated nationwide and worldwide! The market for 420 pens is only going to grow every day, so now’s the time to start your 420 vape pens store!

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