420 CUPS

Sell 420 cups or tickets to cannabis cups or mmj by the cupful?? Lots of POTsibilitie!

420CUPS.com doesn’t need much explanation!

It’s only 7 characters, and likely to be a well searched keyword phrase.

420 cups currently brings you both Cannabis Cup results in Google, as well as tons of marijuana mugs that you can purchase around the web.

This domain name would be a great place to put a marijuana merchandise store, or it would be a great traffic funnel landing page to send new sales and track sales to your main website.

(for ex. the way “420clinic.com & 420clinics.com both redirect to potdomains.com, which isn’t exactly what I mean, since ideally a user would buy 420clinic & clinics to redirect both towards the 420 clinic’s main page, vs a domain hoarder / database, which I can’t even find the listings for 420clinic & 420clinics.com so are they even selling those or were they purchased solely to redirect traffic to potdomains.com?)

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