Marijuana Domain Names

Brandable Names for Cannabis Companies and Marijuana Websites

Cannabis Brands – a great brand name!

Mi-Hi.COM – great for a stoner app!– This would be a great name for a blog, podcast, TV show, film or stoner YouTube channel. It’d also be a great name for a clothing line, a stoner gifts shop, or a marijuana news site.

Local Marijuana Companies – Marijuana in Alabama – Marijuana in Atlanta– Marijuana in Austin – Marijuana in Boston! – Marijuana in Canada or cans of cannabis? Awesome either way!! – Marijuana in Delaware – A great site for medical marijuana products or services in Iowa. – keep track of marijuana legalization in Minneapolis – Be one of the first 420 services in Seoul! – This’ll be a thing one day, trust me. – a THC company in Topeka, KS.

Cannabis Connecticut Sites – Be the premiere cannabis site in CT! – Get ALL the 420 CT traffic, I’ll cut you a deal for both domains! – Oh, I also have this one! – And THIS one! Lots of 420 in Connecticut options.  Take ’em all and be a CT 420 monopoly!

Marijuana in Rhode Island (RI) – Making CBD products in Providence? Make CBDPVD your hometown homepage!

California Cannabis– This could be a directory of marijuana companies in Los Angles.  It would also be great for a marijuana delivery service in LA or any cannabis products or services based in LA. – A great name for a marijuana delivery service in LA!

Marijuana in New York – Marijuana in Brooklyn

Cannabis Canada

Cannabis Products and Services – Cannabis cafes! Great place to put a directory of 420 friendly coffee shops and restaurants. – a stoner film database or page for your stoner movie – Great site for vape pens! – A great site to put information for the marijuana laws in every state and country.  Would be a great site or secondary site for a drug lawyer. – Your novelty bong shop – an accounting firm for cannabis business.