Marijuana Domain Names

Welcome to my curated potfolio of highly brandable pot domains for your cannabiz!

Some of my pot domains are over a decade old and were hand-registered for various potjects,
but are now just waiting for the right entrepotneurs to come along and make it their own!


420 Domains

420 names are great names for cannabis culture,
420 is still kind of discrete for those who don’t know, don’t know! is great for either cannabis events or cups for cannabis and for places where you can smoke weed and drink coffee at the same time!

Premium Domain Names

Two of my BEST marijuana domains are Catchy, Brandable, and completely Unique
Cannapia & Nuggotiable

Cannabis Domains

Local Pot Domains

I have .com 420 domains for major cannabis cities such as 420Boston and 420Miami, 420 domains for US states where marijuana is legalized, such as Arizona 420, 420 CT and 420 RI, and international cannabis domains for present day use or investing towards the cannabiz future, like and

Keyword Marijuana Domains

I have some great keyword targeted, marijuana domains for specific marijuana products
like for marijuana growing, or for marijuana jewelry. 

Marijuana Domains

I’ve got a handful of marijuana domain names, most of which are localized, and the best of which, imho is, which can be utilized for Marijuana British Columbia


Pot Domains

A couple of my marijuana domain names are “plays on words”, I love a good pot pun! 
I’ve got Potjects for your pot projects and Potcrastinator for the projects you’ll get to later! 


You’ll also find a few humorous and novelty but totally brandable names on, such as Stoner Stupid or Naughty Bongs, which I’ve always thought would be an excellent stoner gift shop!




Domain NameBuy Now Price$4200$4200$4200$4200$4200$20,000